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Large Pair Wrought Iron Rings from Cart Wheels
19th C Architects Table with Pitch Pine Mechanical Base and Hardwood Desktop
Batch of 24 Reclaimed Staffordshire Blue Garden Edging Tiles
Set of 5 Vintage Wire Mesh Cages Baskets
19th C White and Cane Shallow Belfast Butler Sink
19th C Carved Oak Foot Stool with Hanging Fruit Design
Large Early 18th C Shallow Stone Trough on Hand Chiselled Bases
Batch of 96ft of Reclaimed Yorkstone Copings - 29 Metres
Large Oversized Heavy Industrial Steel Workbench Cabinet
Batch of 21 Reclaimed Staffordshire Blue Garden Edging Tiles
19th C Cane Fluted Shallow Belfast Butler Trough Sink
Large Early 20th C Industrial Shelving Unit with Numbered Shelves Brown and Green Paint