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Panoramic view of the brickyard

Making History with Norfolk Antique & Reclamation Centre!

When it comes to giving your set an air of authenticity or individuality we're your people. With a vast online collection ranging across many historical periods and styles, chances are we have just what you need. And if not our comprehensive list of contacts will ensure that if your prop is out there, we will be able to bring it to your doorstep or your location. 

We understand working with Production Budgets wether you need the prop for a few weeks or just a day. With a successful history of both selling and renting to the media industry, we have the logistics in place to organise getting large props on site, or corriering that small but historically accurate key piece.

Contact us by e-mail with your vision and see what we can do. We have the pleasure of working with the BBC, Pinewood, Warner Bros, The Discovery Channel and HBO, and have Credits in 'Game of Thrones’ ‘Tulip fever’ &  'In the Heart of the Sea' as well as the new BBC drama 'Dickensian'.


Daniel operating the forklift