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Interlocking Wash Basins, His and Hers Deco Sinks, Pair
£960.00 Ex VAT
£1152.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR22923
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Matching Pair of Aci Paisley Ware Art Deco His and Hers White Ceramic 1930’s Sinks
£795.00 Ex VAT
£954.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR034920
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Art Deco Vanity Bathroom Mirror
£200.00 Ex VAT
£240.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR42817
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Art Deco Poissons Green Glass Fish Bowl Vase by P. Dávesn
£2000.00 Ex VAT
£2400.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR021520
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Art Deco Chrome Plated Fire Place Trivet Stand
£85.00 Ex VAT
£102.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR36017
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Restored 1930s Art Deco Rotary Merchandiser Arcade Machine
£12995.00 Ex VAT
£15594.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR112818
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