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Rural & Bygones

Welcome to our rural and bygones section. This is where you will find machinery and equipment plucked from the bygone era and stocked here ready for you to take a trip down memory lane. Reminisce the past but bring it into the present by incorporating it into a new design, project or renovation. With imagination, some items of our stock would make stunning features in a retail or restaurant environment.

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Products that might suit your price range above.

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Vintage Wooden Chitting Crates Branded G. W. Daniels & Son Ltd
£10.00 Ex VAT
£12.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR16718
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Pair of 19th C Strap Iron Bicycle Cycle Racks
£2000.00 Ex VAT
£2400.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR82419
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Vintage Potato Riddle, by Duttons IW Ltd Warrington
£350.00 Ex VAT
£420.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR89623
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Brass Backpack Sprayer, H.T Milward and Sons, Victorian
£450.00 Ex VAT
£540.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR09421
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11ft Wooden Ladder Bygone Ladder
£400.00 Ex VAT
£480.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR36123
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Carpenters Toolbox, Pine with Distressed Paint Finish
£190.00 Ex VAT
£228.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR28223
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Bull Baiting Etchings, Pair of Colored Etchings
£200.00 Ex VAT
£240.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR22623
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Fireside Cooking Trivet, Pot Hanger, Period Wrought Iron and Reclaimed Materials
£625.00 Ex VAT
£750.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR17523
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Tall Copper Copper, Riveted Cylindrical Planter
£850.00 Ex VAT
£1020.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR11323
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Railway Oil Lamp by The Lamp Manufacturing & Railway Supplies Ltd, Bulls Eye Glass Level Crossing Gate Lamp
£400.00 Ex VAT
£480.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR56422
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19th C Traditional Hand Painted Swedish Sleigh
£2250.00 Ex VAT
£2700.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR046920
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Large Vintage Storage Tub Bin on Castors
£185.00 Ex VAT
£222.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR107917
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Industrial Chain Winch on Cast Iron Base Plinth Upstand
£175.00 Ex VAT
£210.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR02318
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Early 20th C Galvanised Riveted Manger Planter
£1275.00 Ex VAT
£1530.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR14821
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Pair of Cast Iron Victorian Rollers Table Bases
£1000.00 Ex VAT
£1200.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR09722
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Galvanised Steel Water Pump with Cast Iron Mounts and Handle
£125.00 Ex VAT
£150.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR42816
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Pair of Victorian Bygone Agricultural Potato Cultivators
£600.00 Ex VAT
£720.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR02621
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The Arnold Foster Mother Milk Feeder
£200.00 Ex VAT
£240.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR63622
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Vintage Blue Morris Minor 1000 Bonnet with Distressed Paint
£395.00 Ex VAT
£474.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR97718
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