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Ornate Art Nouveau Brass Fire Guard Fender
£290.00 Ex VAT
£348.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR11217
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Art Nouveau Overmantel Pier Mirror with two Watercolour Prints - Abbey Altson 1903
£900.00 Ex VAT
£1080.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR11823
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Brass Fireplace Fender, Art Nouveau
£325.00 Ex VAT
£390.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR05523
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Art Nouveau Brass Fireplace Fender
£325.00 Ex VAT
£390.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR030920
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Circa 1905 Art Nouveau ‘The Excelsior Washdown Pedestal' Cane Toilet With Moulded Detail
£1100.00 Ex VAT
£1320.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR040620
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Art Noveau