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Rope Top Garden Edging, Batch of 90 19th C Glazed, A Run of 24 Metres
£1080.00 Ex VAT
£1296.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR46121
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Buff Garden Edgings, Batch of 33 - 7.7 Linear Meters
£330.00 Ex VAT
£396.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR29123
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Set of 50 Doulton Lambeth Salt Glazed Edgings
£1100.00 Ex VAT
£1320.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR80818
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Batch of 53 19th C Staffordshire Blue Garden Edging a 9.5 Metre Run
£530.00 Ex VAT
£636.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR28021
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Garden Edging Tiles, Salt Glazed Finish, Batch of 34 – A Run of 5 Metres
£340.00 Ex VAT
£408.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR58722
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