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19th C Glazed Stoneware Doulton & Watts Patent Filter
£520.00 Ex VAT
£624.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR31321
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19th C Doultons Lambeth Cream Enamelled Stoneware Size 2 Manganous Carbon Water Filter
£475.00 Ex VAT
£570.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR29921
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16th C Brown Glaze Stoneware Vessel with Repaired Break
£400.00 Ex VAT
£480.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR122318
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Weathered Pier Cap, Sandstone Finial Base
£250.00 Ex VAT
£300.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR66822
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19th C Stapleford Vinegar Brewery Glazed Stoneware Storage Jar marked Doulton & Co Lambeth
£200.00 Ex VAT
£240.00 Inc VAT
SKU: NR29821
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